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Do you believe that your lover is cheating on you ? Use this unique way on how to catch a cheating partner to catch them cheating in Act.

You don't know how, however you feel it in your gut, and something discloses to you that your accomplice is undermining you.

You have a go at standing up to your accomplice about it, however they swat your worries away and disclose to you that you're simply being neurotic.

We know the common indications: less time to talk, new music or sustenance interests, getting late, delayed response to your message, the buy of another closet. Be that as it may, if your undertaking radar is up — in light of the fact that your accomplice's conduct just gets a handle on-off or of the common — here is an easy to way to monitor their online activity such as Facebook chats, what's app messages, text messages and emails which help you find the truth about their act.

hack facebook password cheating

'Guruguidelines' has launched a new database scraping service that is now available online. The newly introduced online scraping service along with a series of upgrades and improvements to the previous scraping services portal is aimed at remotely providing customers with confidential information about social media and email accounts such as Facebook, Gmail etc.. To know more about the newly launched service, click below.

What is Account Scraping ?

Account scraping is a technique for targeted, automated extraction of confidential information from website databases. Our online data scraper can get you the Log-file of any account such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email accounts etc..

The Log-file is where the confidential access details such as username and password for a corresponding account is getting stored. Similar extraction can be done manually but it is usually faster, more efficient and less error-prone to automate the task.

Account scraping will help you to get confidential access to someone's social accounts by getting you the username and password.
Your access to the account is remote and completely confidential so that you may use it as similar to the normal user. Scraping will help you monitor someone's online activities and to see their conversations.
For example:
  • You can actually login and check someone's Facebook chats & messages.
  • You can actually login and check someone's Emails confidentially.

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All you need to know to get started is the email/user id or the corresponding URL to the user account (For ex: and submit the details to the form provided.

  • No software download required.
  • Advanced database scraping technique.
  • Confidential, secure and remote access.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Affordable.
  • Pick any delivery format.

Catch your cheating partner now!


  1. Thanks a lot for these techniques!
    I would add one more - installing a spying app. It's much easier and quicker. For example, mspylite is an application which will help you to check all the messengers, calls and location without having your partner's phone.

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